1/4 Mile Leaderboard

Welcome to the Unofficial X Chassis Leader Board, proudly presented by Ciscokids. We have put together this list from various forums we frequent and submissions we receive from the racing community. This list features drag racing times, focusing on X Chassis vehicles.

To provide a reliable resource, we have included a “Confirmed” column to showcase times that have been verified. To confirm a time, you must submit a time slip or video of your run or be listed on an official website like Jamboree, WSID, or Heathcoat. These results are considered official, and we use them to ensure the accuracy of our leaderboard.

Our list includes a search function, allowing you to filter the results and compare times with similar conditions. For example, you can search for the fastest manual on street tires. While this can give you bragging rights, it doesn’t guarantee internet fame – but will make for a great clickbait title.

Stay tuned for regular updates to the Unofficial X Chassis Leader Board, and feel free to contact us with any questions or submissions.

*Key UN = Username and WS = Workshop