Steering Knuckles T2 V1


Enhance steering performance and maximise lock in your track-oriented car with Ciscokids T2 V1 Knuckles. Designed as a cut-and-shut solution, these knuckles deliver quicker steering response and increased lock for improved maneuverability on the track. Retaining Ackerman geometry, they offer precise handling and durability for motorsport use. Not road legal.

Upgrade your steering capabilities with Ciscokids T2 V1 Knuckles today!

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Experience enhanced steering performance and maximum lock with Ciscokids T2 V1 Knuckles. Explicitly designed for track-oriented cars, these cut-and-shut steering knuckles offer an improved response, increased steering angle, and precise handling on the race circuit. These knuckles are intended for race use only and are not road legal.
Crafted with durability and performance in mind, Ciscokids T2 V1 Knuckles are built to withstand the rigorous demands of motorsport. Whether you’re competing in drift events, time attacks, or other high-performance races, these knuckles will provide the reliability and control you need to push your vehicle to its limits.

The T2 V1 Knuckles retains Ackerman geometry, ensuring optimal steering characteristics during aggressive maneuvers. With their track-focused design, these knuckles are the affordable solution for achieving maximum lock and improved steering response in your track car. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction,

we offer a $200 refund when you exchange your old knuckles.

This allows you to upgrade your steering setup while minimising the cost. Transform your track car’s steering capabilities and unleash its full potential with Ciscokids T2 V1 Knuckles.

You can upgrade your vehicle’s performance and dominate the track. Order now and experience the precision and control you’ve been craving.



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