Front bar Type T


Revive X chassis history with Ciscokids Type T Front Bar. Inspired by iconic Tsuyoshi Tezuka, this durable and aerodynamic upgrade enhances your vehicle’s appearance.

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Introducing the Ciscokids Type T Front Bar, a great upgrade for your X chassis. Inspired by the legendary Freedom Sports/Destructive King Kit driven by the renowned D1 driver Tsuyoshi Tezuka, this meticulously crafted replica pays homage to the iconic design while incorporating modern enhancements.
Constructed from high-quality fibreglass, this upgraded front bar offers exceptional durability and toughness, making it perfect for motorsport applications. It has been precisely engineered to seamlessly fit onto your X chassis, ensuring an aggressive and aerodynamic appearance.
The Ciscokids Type T Front Bar captures the essence of X chassis history and brings it to life on your vehicle. Its attention to detail and precision enhance the front profile, giving your car a bold and distinctive look.
Upgrade your X chassis and make a statement on the road or track with the Ciscokids Type T Front Bar. Embrace the past with this exceptional upgrade, designed to enhance performance and style.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 170 × 90 × 50 cm