Lower control arm V2


Enhance your X8 chassis with Ciscokids Lower Control Arm V2. 25mm longer than stock, improved strength, and brand-new rubber bushings and ball joints. Upgrade your suspension performance today.

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Introducing the Ciscokids Lower Control Arm (LCA) V2, the second iteration of our popular LCA V1 explicitly designed for the X8 chassis. Taking into account valuable feedback from our customers, we followed our motto of Built by Ciscokids, Improved by you and improved it with your input. This time, we’ve shortened the arms by 5mm compared to the V1, providing you with an additional 25mm over the stock length. In pursuit of perfection, we have also redesigned the brace, optimising strength over the extension while carefully trimming other sections to allow for future development items. The result is an LCA that offers enhanced performance and room for further customisation and upgrades.

We have incorporated new aftermarket arms into the V2 design to ensure top-notch quality. You’ll receive brand-new rubber bushings and ball joints, improving reliability and longevity. With these upgraded components, you can expect smoother operation and enhanced suspension performance.

Upgrade your X8 chassis today with the Ciscokids Lower Control Arm V2 and experience the difference in handling, stability, and responsiveness. Our meticulously engineered design and attention to detail ensure you get a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Take your X8 chassis to the next level with Ciscokids.

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