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Revive X chassis history with Ciscokids Type T Full Bodykit. Inspired by the iconic Tsuyoshi Tezuka, this durable and aerodynamic kit transforms your vehicle’s exterior.


Available on back-order


Available on back-order


Available on back-order


Introducing the Ciscokids Type T Full Bodykit, a remarkable upgrade for your X chassis. Inspired by the legendary Freedom Sports/Destructive King Kit driven by the renowned D1 driver Tsuyoshi Tezuka, this meticulously crafted replica pays homage to the iconic drifter while incorporating modern enhancements.

Constructed from high-quality fibreglass, this upgraded body kit offers exceptional durability and toughness, making it perfect for motorsport applications. Each component has been precisely engineered to fit seamlessly onto your X chassis, ensuring an aggressive and aerodynamic appearance.

The Ciscokids Type T Full Bodykit includes all the necessary parts to transform your vehicle’s exterior completely. From the meticulously designed front bumper to the attention to detail in the rear bumper, every aspect has been precisely replicated to deliver a perfect fit and finish. Upgrade your X chassis and make a bold statement on the road or track with the Ciscokids Type T Full Bodykit. Embrace the past with this exceptional body kit, designed to enhance performance and style.

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